A stain on a wooden countertop?

Oak countertops warm up the interior by introducing a warm atmosphere into the room. However, they are a challenging material. They need regular cleaning.

Water and detergents must be used in moderation so as not to damage the structure of the wood. Rough sponges cannot be used either, only soft cloths.

It is very important to clean the wood always along the grain. Always wipe the surfaces dry after cleaning the countertop.

Stains from hot dishes

On oak countertops after contact with a hot liquid dish, characteristic white circles may appear. To prevent this, protective pads are recommended.

However, if such a situation occurs, it is worth trying a way to clean such a stain. It is enough sometimes to mix kerosene with edible oil and rub the resulting circles. Then polish the surface with a natural bottle stopper. If the stain is not large, you can get rid of it by polishing with just a cork.

The final solution to the resulting problem, when the proposed solutions are insufficient, is to rub off the oil-wax layer from the entire countertop and reapply it.

The most common wine and coffee stains

Alcohol is one of several substances that, when combined with wood, are capable of damaging it. Especially if it’s an oiled countertop, because the high concentration of alcohol dissolves grease. To begin with, the alcohol must be quickly wiped off, the surface dried, then polished with a cloth soaked in linseed oil.

If the stain is from red wine, similar treatments may not be enough. Such a stain can be lightened with a mixture of 3% hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. On the other hand, you will wash coffee and tea stains off the wooden countertop with the foam of dishwashing liquid.

How to take care of wooden countertops so that they serve us for many years?

Cleaning (daily)

Natural wood is not fond of water. Wipe off dust with a dry or slightly damp cloth.

In case of dirt, it is worth using a special cleaner for oiled furniture available in our online store.

Maintenance of oak countertops

Every wooden piece of furniture requires maintenance once in a while. Its purpose is to refresh the appearance or repair light damage like scratches.

  1. Use sandpaper with a gradation of 150. Abrasive machining in the range selected as needed. Then clean the surface thoroughly of dust.
  2. Apply oil with a sponge or roller according to the direction of the grain. Wait 3-4 hours. If necessary, repeat the activity.
  3. For a perfectly smooth countertop surface (if required), you can use sandpaper with a gradation of 1000 (after oiling).