Frequently asked questions

Below you will find answers to the questions our customer service staff hears most often. If you have already reviewed DEERHORN but have some doubts - try to find the information below.
What is the lead time for desks and other office furniture?

The estimated lead time for standard orders is 2-5 business days. For larger orders, the deadline is set individually.

If there happen to be any postponements of the completion date, you will be informed by email.

What is the cost of furniture delivery?

The cost of delivery is automatically calculated in the shopping cart when placing an order and depends on the choice of furniture.

What is the oak countertop protected with?

The oak countertop is coated with OSMO natural oil wax, which is stain-resistant. You can order a sample of the countertop through the store so you can judge the color in reality.

What colors can I order the countertop in, do we dye the countertops in other colors?

We do not stain the countertops with other colors, we only use clear oil wax.

Is it possible to order customized furniture?

It is possible to modify the furniture from our ready-made designs. Each project is considered individually. For more details, contact the Customer Service Department.

Do we modify other furniture, if so what kind?

Furniture can be modified after checking the possibility of change in terms of technology. The person from the Customer Service Department who will take care of your order will send you information regarding the quote with a prepared pro forma for payment. Prepayment is required for individual orders.

Can a desk/table be ordered in any size?

Yes, you can order the top and frame in another dimension. Price determined individually due to modification.

How do I place an order for a different size desk?

In the comments when placing an order for a desk (as close as possible to what is desired), please enter the dimension needed. The person from the Customer Service Department who will take care of your order will send you information regarding the quote with a prepared pro forma for payment. Prepayment is required for individual orders.


Is there a bringing service and how can I price it?

It is possible to quote for the lifting service. To determine the feasibility of the lifting service, please send us information:

  • type of building (if it is a house, do not specify the floor and whether there is an elevator, staircase, because the courier does not bring furniture into the premises)
  • floor
  • whether there is an elevator, if so please specify its dimensions (please specify in case of a block/office building)
  • dimensions of the door through which the furniture is to be brought in
  • dimensions of the staircase, whether there is a turn (please specify in case of a block/office building and bringing furniture up the stairs)
  • possible obstructions (e.g., glass walls)
  • whether it is possible to drive a van to the outside door through which the furniture will be brought in

After sending the above information, we will submit a request to determine the feasibility of the service to the courier company. The rate for performing the service is determined by the courier company.
Note: the courier delivers furniture on pallets:

  • In the case of a building, for example, a single-family house, the courier provides the service of bringing behind the first door of the building
  • in case of a block/office building, the courier brings the order behind the first door of the apartment/office building
What are the payment methods for the order?

You can pay for your order via tpay fast payments (online transfer, debit card, e-wallets), BLIK, bank transfer, cash on delivery. If you make a cash-on-delivery order, the value of which exceeds 5,000 PLN, we charge a prepayment whose value is determined individually. For inquiries, please call or email.

Is prepayment required for the order?

If you make a cash-on-delivery order the value of which exceeds 5,000 PLN we charge a prepayment, the value of which is determined individually. For inquiries, please call or email.

When will I receive an invoice?

When payment is made by wire transfer, an advance invoice will be issued after the payment is recorded (whether all or half of the order has been paid, an advance invoice is issued). On the day the goods are shipped, a final invoice is issued. Sales documents are printed and sent along with the goods to the customer.

How to care for oak countertops? How often do they need to be secured?

Wipe oiled countertops clean of dust with a slightly dampened cloth without using detergents. However, oiled wooden countertops require proper care and attention. It is necessary to avoid spilling liquid on the countertop. If the situation arises, wipe dry immediately. The use of cup pads is recommended. We protect 90% of our furniture with natural oil wax.

Why oiling?

– is a natural method that has been used for hundreds of years
– in case of scratches or stains, it is easy to renew the countertop with home-made methods
– oil emphasizes the natural color of the wood

Repeat treatment:

Wooden countertops for maintaining the best effect are worth oiling from time to time. The process involves applying a small amount of oil to the countertop with a sponge or cotton cloth. It takes only a few minutes but keeps the countertop in excellent condition.


Every wooden piece of furniture requires maintenance once in a while. Its purpose is to refresh the appearance or repair light damage like scratches.

What to do in case of staining, for example, with paint or scratches?

Oiled wooden countertops are very practical in this regard. If damaged, they can be reconditioned. All you have to do is rub off the top with sandpaper and reapply the oil. After such treatment, the countertop will be like new.

For this process we will use the repair kit available in our online store, which includes:

  • spray cleaner,
  • Top-Oil 3058,
  • pad handle,
  • non-woven fabric for application,
  • sanding cloth

In addition, we recommend getting sandpaper with 220 and 400 gradations on a sponge and 1000 for smoothing the surface. Each activity (sanding/painting/wiping) should be done along the lamellae.

  1. Abrade the whole oak piece with sandpaper of 220 gradation, then 400 and 1000
  2. Collect the resulting sanding dust preferably with a dry cloth or paper towel.
  3. After wiping off the dust, you can proceed with oiling. We use the pad included in the kit to apply the oil. You can also replace the pad with a roller or a scrubbing sponge.
  4. After painting, let the parts dry (on average from 4-6 hours depending on temperature and humidity). After this treatment, the office is like new. We recommend using the spray cleaner a few days after the last maintenance of the wooden countertop.

Using a repair kit increases the life of your wooden countertop.

What is the warranty period?

The warranty period is 2 years, or 7 years with annual paid service.

How do I purchase furniture on installments?

For this purpose, we invite you to contact our installment system specialist. Please send me a list of furniture you wish to purchase on installments to w.krawczyk@deerhorn.pl Also, the necessary information can be obtained by calling 697 867 000 or 533 341 640.

Can I lease furniture?

Yes, you can take advantage of the purchase by the leasing company LEASELINK. Under each product there is an option to fill out a preliminary leasing application. The company that provides such a service will contact you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at link@leaselink.pl or at (22) 69 00 666

Can I order furniture in packages?

Most furniture, for safety reasons, is shipped on pallets, folded, properly secured for transport. It is not possible to order body furniture in packages. All “Slim” desks are shipped only folded, as the 18 mm thick top can be damaged during transport if packed in a package. Only hangers and some desks are prepared in this way for transport. With each product that we send in packages, there is such information.

How do I add accessories and how do I determine their placement? Are there additional charges?

Accessories such as a milled hole, round or rectangular grommet, USB extender, as well as vertical and horizontal cable channel can be added to each desk. Also, an extension or drawer and shelf can be added to the desk by placing an order. All accessories can be found on the home page under the furniture/desk accessories tab.