Instructions for assembling a desk or table.

Most of our furniture is shipped whole without being bolted together. This saves you time and money.

However, if for some reason the furniture must be brought in pieces below are brief instructions:

What do you need?

To assemble our desks, all you need is a cordless drill and screwdriver with two bits: a 1.5mm drill bit and a standard bit.

How long does it take to assemble a desk?

Usually approx. 10 minutes.

What steps do I need to take?

  1. Lay the top on the floor with the top side down. It’s a good idea to put some kind of material on the floor beforehand to prevent scratching the countertop during the twisting process.
  2. Set the metal rack on the countertop. These include two legs and longitudinal crossbars.
    loft office

    loft office

  3. Be sure to drill holes in the countertop with a fine drill bit. It can be 1.5mm in diameter. Then screw the frame to the tabletop with the included screws.