Industrial corner desk with black container under desk 160x70cm loft office plus, right side


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Industrial corner desk with black container under desk 160x70cm loft office plus, right side

Why choose a corner desk and what are the advantages of having a corner desk?

The modern corner desk has many advantages that work well in arranging an office or study.

By opting for a customized corner desk, you can make practical use of an often overlooked space in the room – its corner.

By placing a piece of furniture there, you get the feeling of a properly arranged space, which at the same time is full of freedom and adequate comfort to carry out your duties.

The black corner desk from the Loft Office Plus collection will also be appreciated by all those who need a lot of space around them while working or studying.

A desk with a cabinet and drawer, as well as a large wooden top, will provide adequate space for reasonable use.

Functional desk with drawers and space for computer unit, handbag

Large corner desk with cabinets is one of our bestsellers, which is especially appreciated by lovers of functional solutions.

Our computer desk with cabinet was created from the highest quality materials, making it a durable and sturdy wooden product.

The combination of natural solid oak wood and the frame looks great. The 160 x 70 industrial corner desk from the Loft Office Plus collection features precision craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Thus, our desk with key locker will prove to be a practical piece of furniture in large office buildings or offices, as well as intimate home offices.

Key locker is an additional asset that guarantees the privacy and security of the documents stored in it.

Functional desk with drawers and space for computer unit, handbag


The burko comes in two pieces. No twisting required on site.

The wooden top can be of a different size upon request.

Minimalist desk with wooden top. (proprietary design)


What sets this corner office desk from Deerhorn apart. Which desk to choose?

Do you know which desk to choose for your office, study? Bet on biurko corner loft from Deerhorn, and you will receive:

1. solid, heavy 38mm thick solid wood top – you are assured of durability
2 Durability – the countertop is resistant to stains caused by pouring hot drinks or alcohol
3. proximity to nature – here the aforementioned wooden oak countertop and a wooden container with drawers are noteworthy. We deliberately do not varnish wooden parts. We use the highest quality oils and waxes that put us in direct contact with natural wood to the touch
4. perfect fit of the frame – we use extremely precise tools thanks to which our furniture has factory quality
5. powder coating – it looks great, and it protects steel very well
6. oiling – protect countertops with two coats of OSMO natural oil so that the wood does not absorb moisture
7. premium drawers – with self-closing and lifetime warranty. We use the highest quality drawer slides for our furniture. The same as in branded kitchens
8. We ship the desk as a whole, no bolting required. Save your time and money
9 Instant delivery – you order today, and within a few days the desk will be at your place. We are a manufacturer, and our factory is ready for fast delivery of small and large orders


What else should you know about our solid wood desk? How to equip the desk?

  • Do you need holes in the countertop for cables? Select the appropriate option in the accessories section, in the mail or by phone
  • tabletop material: oiledoak wood
  • Corner desk for those who require a lot of space with dimensions of 160x70cm plus an extension 140x50cm. The extension is set on an oak pedestal, on which you can place, for example, a printer
  • Loft Office Plus collection desk is also used as: desk for work, desk for room, desk for office
  • specifying that the desk is right-handed means that the pedestal is on the right side when viewed from the position of the person sitting at the desk. The left is also available. Just specify in the description at the time of purchase that the desk is to be left-handed

How do we pack and ship desks?

In the interest of your convenience, the desks are shipped whole as standard. In this case, we have two basic elements: a container and a countertop with a leg. All you need to do is set the desk on the pedestal.


Metal, wood desk dimensions:

  • tabletop dimensions: 160x70cm. 3.8cm thick. Countertop on request can be made in other dimensions
  • height of desk: 75cm

Dimensions of the container:

  • length: 140cm
  • depth: 50cm
  • height: 60 cm,


Total length of the desk 160×70 cm with container about 194 cm.
Total length of the desk 180×70 cm with container about 214 cm.
Total length of the desk 200×70 cm with container about 234 cm.

­čĹëDeskoak large – more photos of desk­čĹł

­čĹëdesk with pedestal -be sure to see more photos of this desk­čĹł





In the container it is possible to install a lock only in the lowest drawer (lockable one drawer) and in the shelf.

Estimated delivery on 5 - 21 June, 2023
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* installment purchases available for one-time orders over 4,000 zloty

What sets us apart?



You are guaranteed careful workmanship and the use of top-quality materials.



You save time, money and gain convenience.



Deerhorn furniture is our original designs, which are protected in the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, as well as in the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office).



Standard delivery by courier is always without lifting service. If you are interested in purchasing such a service, please contact the DOK (Customer Service Department). It is priced individually.



Solid oak wood is protected with an excellent quality oil-wax blend, which creates effective protection against stains from coffee, tea, cola.



We have inventory and a modern production line, which allows us to supervise orders efficiently.



Your new furniture investment comes with up to seven years of warranty protection.



All DEERHORN products have a sticker with our brand logo.

If you have questions about the product, how to maintain it, or have other questions about ordering from our store, please contact us.

We would like to inform you that in accordance with the Law on Copyright and Related Rights (i.e. Journal of Laws 1994 No. 24 item 83, as amended), all furniture designs presented on the site constitute a work and are covered by personal and property copyrights to all works presented. In addition, we would like to inform you that some of the presented works have also been filed as industrial designs with the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland and are protected under the Industrial Property Law Act (Journal of Laws 2001 No. 49, item 508, as amended).
Any infringement of the rights to the works or industrial designs presented may lead to a claim in court through civil proceedings.
If you would like to license the designs shown, please contact Levanter Law Firm:

biurko naro┼╝ne z drewnianym blatem
wood and metal furniture

Create a unique space in your office and home with us.

See other furniture from our collections.

Accessories for desks (2)

Desks (64)

Corner desks (24)

Height adjustable desks (5)


150PLN gross price per pallet anywhere in the country. It will accommodate furniture with a total defect of approx. 200kg. That's two desks and two pedestals, for example.

For transportation, you can buy separately:

We arrange the lifting service individually. For this we need the parameters of the building.

If you wish our team to set up the furniture according to the design provided by the designer inform us in advance. We need to carve out more time for this. The furniture is heavy.

In the interest of saving your time, we ship the furniture as a whole. No on-site twisting required.

All furniture is shipped assembled on pallets, except for corner desks and large conference tables, where they require a little assembly on site.

For large orders, we deliver the furniture in person with a lifting service.

An example of how to pack a loft office desk and pedestal.

meble loft z transportem
How do we protect furniture and how do we take care of it?

Wooden furniture - use / care

Wipe oiled countertops clean of dust with a slightly dampened cloth without using detergents. If you decide to use chemicals, they must be formulations designed for wood.

Renovation - What to do in case of stains such as paint or scratches. Oiled wooden countertops are very practical in this regard. If damaged, they can be reconditioned. All you have to do is rub off the top with sandpaper and reapply the oil. After such treatment, the countertop will be like new.

Why do we protect wooden furniture with oil?

  • is a natural method that has been used for hundreds of years
  • in case of scratches or stains, it is easy to renew the countertop with home-made methods
  • oil emphasizes the natural color of the wood highlighting the grain and knots
  • Oil is as durable as varnish
piel─Ögnacja drewna
Wood protection

Oiling the wood:

We work on an ultra-modern line for oiling wooden parts. Automation of the wood preservation process provides an excellent result that is not achievable with manual work. In addition, we rely on a special blend of enhanced oil wax created especially for us by leading manufacturer Osmo .

olej osmo deerhorn
meble olejowane
meble, drewno olejowane



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