1. goods offered in the online store are covered by a 24-month manufacturer’s warranty and are insured for transport (only courier shipping ordered by DEERHORN FURNITURE store).

(2) Products are delivered throughout the country by courier companies. Shipping is carried out only within the territory of Poland. Goods are delivered in brand new packaging made of rigid cardboard. The courier does not bring packages. Shipments of furniture sets are shipped according to the number of packages on pallets. Shipments are delivered from Monday to Friday from: 8:00 – 16:00. It is not possible to determine the exact time of delivery, alternatively, we can send such a request to the courier company. On the day of shipment, an email is sent confirming that the courier has received the shipment. If the shipment is not received it returns to the DEERHORN FURNITURE warehouse where it awaits pickup by the buyer or reshipment. The cost of return and re-shipment shall be borne by the buyer.

NOTE: The delivery of furniture is made without carrying service. The courier is not required to bring parcels/packages/pallets to apartments/homes. In the case of blocks of flats, the courier does not bring parcels/packages/pallets to the stairwells. Shipments placed on a pallet are delivered to a location where technical conditions allow. If the shipment is not received it returns to the DEERHORN FURNITURE warehouse where it awaits pickup by the buyer or reshipment. Re-shipping costs are borne by the buyer.

(3) The cost of delivery consisting of several products is the sum of the costs specified for each product, unless shipping is covered by a PROMOTION during the period.

4 On request (by email) we send you a tracking number, with which you can track your shipment on the website of the courier company. DEERHORN FURNITURE is not responsible for delays in delivery due to the fault of the courier.

All shipments sent by our courier are insured against damage in transit. All furniture in our warehouse inspected at two stages of preparation for shipment. Every item we ship is insured up to its full value. Goods shipped to you are new, originally packaged in stretch film and cardboard boxes. We take no responsibility for shipments picked up from our warehouse by third-party carriers ordered individually by the customer or carried by third parties.

5. the Buyer has the RIGHT to check the external condition of the package at the time of receipt. If the packaging has been damaged (has scuffs, creases, holes and etc.), the Buyer also has the right to check the condition of the FURNITURE INSIDE THE PACKAGE at the time of delivery. In the situation of damage to the package, the contents of the package can be checked even before signing for receipt of the shipment.

If the buyer has any reservations about the condition of the shipment, he should acknowledge receipt of the shipment by his own signature to the courier next to the signature write “received with reservation” or refuse to accept the shipment.

An important alarm signal is the red (DPD courier) or yellow (DHL courier) tape of the courier company stuck on the parcel. It means that the shipment is DAMAGED in transit. NOTE: It is best not to receive such a shipment.

In the case of individual packages, despite the absence of obvious damage to the packaging, the furniture inside may also be damaged, for example: cracks and fractures due to shock or pressure, so the contents of the package should be inspected in the presence of the courier, or immediately after his departure.

6 The courier is obliged to draw up a damage report within 7 days of delivery of the consignment (Transport Law Art. 74 paragraph 3), which for the shipping company is the basis for filing a claim. However, the practice of courier companies shows that if the protocol was not written upon receipt of the package (with the exact date of receipt of the package) such a complaint is rejected by the courier company with the argument that the shipment may have already been damaged after delivery to the customer.

If, after inspecting the package, it is suspected that the contents of the package are damaged, you can proceed in three ways:

a) The buyer declares to the courier necessarily before signing the receipt that he does not accept the shipment from the courier. The courier takes the shipment to us, where we inspect it and, if damaged, replace it with a new one and resend it.

(b) The buyer accepts the shipment (it is important to sign the receipt “with reservation”), and the courier writes a damage report (it is important to do this on the day of delivery of the shipment), which is the basis for a complaint to the courier company by the buyer. The buyer files a claim with the courier company and it is he who receives compensation.

(c) The buyer accepts the shipment (important to sign the receipt “with reservation”), and the courier writes a damage report (important to be on the day of delivery of the shipment). The protocol should be sent to our company by email together with photos of the DAMAGE and photos of each side of the PACKAGE. Our company makes claims on its behalf and the customer is sent new items shown as damaged in the photos.

7 Such damage must be reported immediately within 3 days of receipt of the shipment to the following address: Along with the notification, send photos of the damaged FURNITURE, the PACKAGE from the side of the damage and the damage report drawn up by the courier who delivered the shipment.

8 In the event of damage to the furniture to file a claim, it is imperative to keep the original packaging and shipping documents (pasted on the package) to prepare the furniture or its components for safe return.

9.After receiving the documents and assessing the damage on the basis of photos or the returned furniture, the store representative informs the customer about the further procedure. Depending on the degree of damage, the manufacturer will send a new piece of furniture. In some cases (custom-made furniture) before shipping a new item, it is necessary to return the damaged part, on the basis of which a new item will be manufactured.

(10) From the date of release of the shipment to the courier from the warehouse of DEERHORN FURNITURE, it is not possible to change the delivery address. In the case of non-collection of the shipment and the need to resend it, shipping costs are charged again and in the case of free shipping, shipping costs are charged according to the tariff of the courier company.

(11) The provisions of these rules and regulations apply to consumer sales and, in special cases specified by the legislator, sales related to business. The 24-month warranty applies to consumer sales only. Purchases directly related to the performance of business activities are covered by a warranty of 12 months and are not covered by regulations related to consumer sales, that is, they are covered by a complete exclusion from warranty, in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code.